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    • Remember to check the library catalogue for the previous edition of a book if necessary; you can also use the library catalogue to search more widely on your current topic of interest


  2. Standards and Guidance - all surgical and anaesthetic units 10 items
    1. Accountable items swab, instrument and sharps count - Association for Perioperative Practice 2017


    2. Guide to surgical hand antisepsis - Association for Perioperative Practice 2017


    3. Standards and recommendations for safe perioperative practice - Association for Perioperative Practice 2016

      Book  These standards and recommendations are currently being updated and are unavailable as an e-book

    4. Standards of conduct, performance and ethics - Health and Care Professions Council 2016


    5. Surgical Safety Checklist - World Health Organization 2009


    6. Theatre attire - Association for Perioperative Practice 2011


  3. Surgery 1 - Books and Websites 7 items
    These resources will help you to have a better understanding of what will be discussed during lecturers. You do not need to read them all (obviously ;-) but some chapters will be essential.
    1. Clinical Pocket Reference: Operating Department Practice - Conway, N, Ong, P., Bowers, M. and Grimmett, N. 2014

      Book  Currently unavailable as an e-book

    2. Fundamentals of operating department practice - Davey, A. and Ince, C.S. 2007 (electronic resource)


    3. Oxford handbook of clinical surgery - McLatchie, G.R., Borley, N.R. and Chikwe, J. c2013 (electronic resource)


    4. Surgical instruments: a pocket guide - Wells, M.M.P. 2011 (electronic resource)


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