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BA (Hons) Advertising BAAS Course
BA (Hons) Communication and Media BACOMMF Course
BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts BACAAF Course
BA (Hons) Computer Visualisation and Animation BACVAF Course
BA (Hons) Digital Media Design BADMDF Course
BA (Hons) English BAEF Course
BA (Hons) Film Production and Cinematography BAFPCF Course
BA (Hons) Global Media Practice BAGMPF Course
BA (Hons) Law BALF Course
BA (Hons) Marketing Communications BAMCS Course
BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism BAMMJF Course
BA (Hons) Politics and Media BAPMF Course
BA (Hons) Public Relations BAPRS Course
BA (Hons) Radio BARF Course
BA (Hons) Scriptwriting for Film and Television BAMSWF Course
BA (Hons) Television Production BATPF Course
BSc (Hons) Software Development for Animation, Games and Effects BSSDAGF Course
Graduate Diploma in Law/CPE PGLF Course
Legal Practice Course PGLPP Course
LLB (Hons) Law LLBLS Course
LLB (Hons) Law and Taxation LLBLTF Course
LLM Intellectual Property LLMIPOF Course
LLM International Commercial Law LLMICLOF Course
LLM International Tax Law LLMITLF Course
LLM Legal Practice LLMLPF Course
LLM Public International Law LLMPILF Course
MA 3D Computer Animation MATDCANF Course
MA Advertising MAAVF Course
MA Cinematography for Film and Television MACFTF Course
MA Corporate Communication MACCOF Course
MA Creative and Media Education MACMEP Course
MA Digital Effects MADEF Course
MA Directing Film and Television MADFTF Course
MA International Political Communication MAIPCF Course
MA Journalism Studies MAJSF Course
MA Literary Media MALMP Course
MA Literary Media MALMF Course
MA Media and Communication MAMF Course
MA Media Arts Practice MAMAPF Course
MA Multimedia Journalism MANMMJF Course
MA Post Production Editing MAPPEF Course
MA Producing Film and Television MAPFTF Course
MA Production Design for Film and Television MAPDFTF Course
MA Radio Production MARPF Course
MA Scriptwriting MASF Course
MLit English MLEF Course
MSc Computer Animation and Visual Effects MSCAVEF Course
PG Cert Education Practice PGCEPP Course
PG Cert Intellectual Property PGCIPP Course

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